We are from all around the world from the UK, US, Hungary, New Zealand, Greece, Canada, Italy.

We are currently 18 team members strong ready for the 2018/19 season to deliver adventures and camps on land and sea.

Come and say hello and hear about our adventures and training stories, become part of our community – families, kids, friends’ groups you will feel part of the family.

The necessary international qualifications, years of experience around the world and locally, the following of British safety standards allows us to deliver the highest level of outdoor experience for you in everything we do.

Let us introduce you to some of our team members each month.

Meet us in our sessions we will be excited to share our latest adventure stories with you.

Living Our Passion - Blue Pearl Experience

Jonathan Marchand

Jonathan le Marchand. Jonathan is one of our founding members, Blue Pearl’s Business Development Director.

Jonathan has been at the forefront of kitesurfing in the region with over 20 years of experience in all disciplines from freestyle to wave riding and now foiling. With over 35 years of water sport experience in a number of disciplines, making him one of most experienced watermen in the Middle-East region.

He also has an educational background having worked in a number of leading schools in Kuwait and Qatar. He’s originally from the UK, having lived in Qatar for the last 17 years. Always brainstorming and experimenting with innovation he helps drive new ideas. You will meet Jonathan in meetings or at the beach.

Living Our Passion - Blue Pearl Experience

Melinda Behumi

M is one of our founding members, Operations & Marketing Director of Blue Pearl, and the region’s SUP trainer certifying instructors for the Academy of Surfing Instructors UK, Australia.

Founder of the first SUP school in Qatar and with 15 years business experience in the corporate sector, she makes sure our operations run smoothly and safely and that our new ideas come to life.

Having grown up in the Middle-East since the age of 8, M knows and loves the desert and sea. You will meet her in meetings and at some of our programs.

Living Our Passion - Blue Pearl Experience

Lloyd W

Lloyd is from Zimbabwe and our Bushcraft and Outdoor Adventure Expert. His favourites are exploring the desert and teaching the young generation basic survival skills. Meet him in our land and water based sessions.

Blue Pearl is a Qatari owned establishment committed to contributing to mark Qatar on the global map of adventure and outdoor education excellence.

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