World Cup Experiences

Please note our prices do not include transportation to and from location. This is to be organized by the participant.


We are beyond excited to share our favourite adventures on sea and land when you visit us in Doha!

Blue Pearl has been bringing the Aloha to Doha since 2012 and are passionate about sharing our outdoor lifestyle with you, to give you a true taste of our city.

Exploring locations you didn’t know existed and viewing hot spots in the city from a different perspective from on the water or on fat bikes. 

Did you know

  • The North of Qatar has fantastic white sandy beaches with turquoise water? – learn to kite in this ideal spot. (BOOK LEARN TO FLY, WINGSURFING)
  • Luxury islands meet the endless turquoise Arabian Sea – explore the city views and luxury yacht marinas from on the water (BOOK PADDLE THE PEARL, or SUNSET SUP &KAYAK THE PEARL-QATAR)
  • Our favourite eco-adventure is discovering the green routes of the Doha Golf Club on fat bikes, exploring a green spot in the heart of the city with the stunning Lusail skyline in the backdrop. Option of enjoying the rest of the evening at the Clubhouse of the DSP with Food&beverage at one of the outdoor hot spots in the city. (not included in our pricing) (BOOK FATBIKING DOHA GOLF CLUB).

Our World Cup Experience curated programs are designed for easy access even during busy times, and enable you to experience first hand the vibrant Aloha Lifestyle we live in Doha! Our programs have been designed by our team of adventure experts and passionate watermen living in the region for the last 20 years. We share experiences we love, activities that we live in our every-days.

All programs are 60-90 minutes so we recommend planning approximately 3 hours for each experience including travel time. Please note these are estimated timings with travel time to the location of the program to help you plan your Qatar Experience with Blue Pearl. Our program fees do not include transportation, this is to be arranged by the participant. For getting around Doha consider using the metro, metro link or Karwa taxi services. 

We hope you will fall in love with the Aloha lifestyle we live in Doha since 2012!

Do you have questions about reaching Blue Pearl or planning your experience? Please email and our team will advise you.


Blue Pearl is a Qatari owned establishment committed to contributing to mark Qatar on the global map of adventure and outdoor education excellence.

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