Blue Pearl Green Initiative

Part of who we are; are our actions and commitment to a sustainable, clean environment in all of our adventures.

Small actions move mountains

Hand in hand with you we have taken and continue to take simple but important steps towards conserving the environment:

Blue Pearl Green Initiative in Doha, Qatar
  1. Using refillable water bottles in all our activities.

    Blue Pearl provides water refill at its bases since the start of its operations and invites all to bring their own refillable bottles when attending sessions with us. As a result of this we have over the years kept the plastic waste at our bases to a bare minimum.
  2. Picking up trash when and where we see it.

    Do not wait for a special occasion, remember with every move we are protecting the local natural habitat.

    We know it wasn’t you who left a bunch of birthday ballons behind in the mangroves and we found them wrapped around young birds, or the discarded fishing net we found next to Al Aliyah island with 50 cormorands and some pink flamingoes trapped inside, or all the plastic bottle caps floating around on the water endangering turtles.

    See our ocean filter in action
  3. Walk, ride, bike, paddle

    As outdoor adventurers we are lucky to spot rare finds in Qatar – as paddlers we have spotted dolphins and sand dollars on rare occasions in Qatar. All our activities are non-intrustive to the environment, giving us the unique opportunity to get close to observing the unique local wildlife and fauna. Explore your favourite routes and activities riding a bike, or kayak, or SUP, join Blue Pearl’s sessions for safe routes, locations and practices.
  4. Volunteer your talent, knowledge and time

    See one of our CSR projects from 2016, the Qatar Clean Marine Project by Blue Pearl that continues to be a useful development in the marina environment. Watch the video about our Qatar Clean Marine project

    The Clean Marine Project was developed out of the need to keep our Stand UP Paddle and Kayak school based on the Pearl-Qatar clean of floating debris in the water, what followed was a sea bin development which is now onto the 3rd prototype that has been running at gate 22/23 of Porto Arabia for the last 6 months.

    The results of this Clean Marine Sea Bin have had a huge impact on the quality of the water, this system has been running for the last 2 years.

    Currently Blue Pearl is offering sponsorship opportunities to move this project forward to the next phase. Please come and visit us at Gate 22/23 to see the project in action.
  5. Making beach and desert clean-ups a good habit, not a special occasion

    All of our programs are followed by a clean-up of the close environment to only leave footprints behind.

Blue Pearl is a Qatari owned establishment committed to contributing to mark Qatar on the global map of adventure and outdoor education excellence.

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