Foiling is on everybody’s mind lately, you have the riders who tried it and can’t stop thinking about it and the ones who didn’t try yet and wonder if it is as good as people say it is.

Using a foil is not just an amazing tool for racers, hydrofoils come with complete new sensations, goals and excitements.

Over the years you lose a little bit of how stoked you get when you go kiteboarding, you miss that new feeling, that spark between you and the sport and slowly loose the passion. Foiling brings that back instantly, you start dreaming of foiling, that gut feeling of flying can be brought back just by thinking about it, it brought back the spark and the passion and you will be ready for many more years of kite happiness.

Get into Foiling with Blue Pearl by learning on the Shinn modular foil system arguably the easiest most progressive set up out there, all equipment is supplied by Blue Pearl along with a 2 Way Radio Set Up and all Safety Gear. Learn Foiling Safely, Learn with Blue Pearls Zero to Hero Foil Magic lessons.

Lessons are 1:1 at 600QAR Per Hour with 2 Hour Minimum Booking Time.

Lessons become Half Price with New Equipment Bought from Blue Pearl.

To book your lesson or for inquiry call Jonathan on +974 553 50 336

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