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Blue Pearl Experience - Standup Paddle Board ABOUT SUP GET FIT.HAVE FUN. GO EXPLORE SUP with its roots in Hawaiian surfing Ku Hoe He’e Nalu is a great way to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle. SUP for us means fun, freedom of movement, conscious sea and beach life, strong mind, energised fit body and connecting with like-minded people. Your growth and safety is in our focus, so we train, are certified, know our gear, the sea around us and follow processes that will make your paddling experience with us inspiring and fun. Our progression system will guide you through to becoming a strong and competent paddler and keep training, exploring in our community. Paddling in versatile weather conditions is what makes a tough and well prepared paddler. We empower you with all you need to know about weather conditions, water safety, basics of fitness and SUP technique.


SUP is total body conditioning whether you choose leisure paddling or performance training. CORE – Balancing on an unstable surface your body is not used to will develop core strength and stability unlike any other sport. A strong core improves posture, body form and helps avoid lower back pain. CALORIE BURNER – A fun session out on the water with friends will not only give you healthy tan, but can burn up to 200-1000 kcal. A toned muscular system, healthy bone structure and joints can help develop a good posture, alleviate lower back pain by reducing extra body weight. LOW IMPACT – SUP is easy on the joints and ligaments and can contribute to recovery after injuries. TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING – with the correct stroke technique you engage your whole body Surfing is the art of overcoming fears. Based on experience we are aware how mental or physical blockages will limit someone’s potential. The training variety SUP offers is suitable to develop physical and mental skill sets, let it be for individuals, teams, athletes or corporate groups. Our training philosophy is to
” bring you tailored training that will move you from your comfort zone, inspire you to push harder with dedication, to accomplish what you’re aiming for
” empower you to understand how your body works, how activity, diet, rest management effects your system. SUP can be a positive component to performance development on all levels and our team will work with you to excel in specific areas.

Positive mindset | mental awareness | relaxed nervous system | tissue& joint health | total body conditioning | endurance | explosivity

Connecting with nature will refresh and reset your body and mind. Regular time out on the water promotes emotional balance, concentration and reduces stress levels. A healthy body and mind gained through SUP is an efficient body, with a strong immune system that has the ability to train, learn and perform better in everything you do. We know that a single activity cannot fully promote health and all of us are different. Until we next meet, remember to be conscious about all the other components of a healthy lifestyle, like sound sleep and nutritious food. SUP YOGA – Blending SUP with traditional yoga. We found that the combination of the two practices increases range of movement, strength, and takes focus and balance to the next level.


Paddling is a functional training to increase performance, that can challenge even the athletically fit. Develops strength and efficiency in movement, without working muscles in isolation like traditional resistance training. SUP training helps develop explosive strength while moving, the fundamental of all sport. Activates the core muscles (stomach and lower back) and switches on stabilizing muscles of the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. High intensity yet low impact workout. Cross training on unstable surfaces your body is not used to, trains new neural coordination between muscles groups.

Total body conditioning | balance training | core stability program | explosiveness | endurance | improves focus & reaction time | helps stay injury free.


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