Blue Pearl is proud to announce the completion of its NEW exclusive Sri Lanka Camp 1 hour out of Colombo.

Today Mr Jonathan Le Marchand (Blue Pearl Business Development Director) signed the contract in Sri Lanka on behalf of Blue Pearl to enter a new phase in Blue Pearl International Camps.

We are super excited to be able to offer this new 300 bedded camp which has some really unique features not offered by other camps in the area.

The BLUE PEARL difference.

  1. The camp is elevated and weather proof to cope with all weathers with no risk of being washed away.
  2. Jungle environment with very unique habitats close by.
  3. The camp is 1 hour (36KM) from Colombo airport no more traveling for 3 plus hours.
  4. Very unique range of activities
  5. Blue Pearl also has partnerships with Airlines to help lower the costs.
  6. Close Proximity to Health Care and Helipad close by.
  7. Field Studies Classroom on site to carry out studies of the natural environment.
  8. Unique Community Service Project.
  9. Eco Camp with sustainable crops grown and environmental conscious operation.
  10. Professional European Trained Blue Pearl Staff running the camps based on British Standard ratios.

For more information on this camp and others we run in Qatar please send an email to

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